This Woman Quit Her Boring Job To Travel… And She Hasn’t Stopped Yet

01.24.17 2 years ago

Like many of us, Maartje Smit was unhappy with her job and the mundanity of climbing the corporate ladder. She yearned to travel. But unlike many of us, she actually made it happen. She quit, bought a one way airplane ticket, and left her home to explore a road less taken.

Smit has been on the move for five years now — drifting from place to place, and seeking fun and adventure wherever she lands. It’s a life that makes her happy, and Maartje feels that life is too short to be unhappy. So she works here and there, relaxes when she wants to relax, and moves on when she grows tired of the country she’s in.

I spoke with Maartje recently and she told me about her life traveling the world, and why you should always follow your dreams.

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