At The Lesbians Who Tech Summit, This Musician Inspired Women To Own Their Voices

03.09.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

When women can’t exchange information or experiences that they are having, we end up suffering in silence.

— Madame Gandhi

The Lesbians Who Tech summit — a celebration of queer women in the tech industry — took place February 23-26th in San Francisco. The goal was to connect women in the industry to one another and to bring their contributions and talent to the fore. The conference also aimed to inspire young women to chase their tech dreams, a message that’s hugely important — with women only representing 1 out of 15 people in STEM.

This year, musician and activist Kiran Gandhi AKA Madame Gandhi was a keynote speaker at the event. Gandhi is a feminist artist who pairs a revolutionary voice with incredible talent and drive. Formerly the drummer for MIA and Theivery Corporation, and known worldwide for her work de-stigmatizing menstruation (famously running the London Marathon in 2015 on the first day of her period without a tampon or pad), Gandhi’s recent electronic music project, Voices is a celebration of feminism and a battle cry for women caught in cycles of oppression.

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