Make A Casual Look Seem Upscale With These Simple Tips

It’s a given that we all want to be at our most comfortable when we go to work or out on the town. If tomorrow someone said that flannel pajamas were the new tuxedo, there’d be some real jumping for joy, praising the Lord kind of activity going on across the country. But until such a miracle occurs, we’re going to have to attempt to look professional. For some of us, that may seem like a tall order. Especially those of us who work from home and may or may not have had someone drop a nickel into our Starbucks cup when we went out for a little fresh air this morning. But stylish and professional doesn’t have to mean stuffy or boring. And it definitely doesn’t have to mean horribly uncomfortable.

When it comes to looking sleek and put together, it’s not about labels or the hottest trends, it’s all about the presentation. Get yourself in something tailored that actually fits you, pair it with great shoes (and an attitude to match), and we promise you’ll look good walking out the door. Because when it comes to fashion, staying classic and simple is the key.

Prentice Penny and his team over at the new show, Upscale with Prentice Penny (on truTV), have a few tips that can take even an ordinary hooded sweatshirt from schlumpy to rockstar mode. So don’t be fooled by magazines telling you that you need this blazer or that tie. You can totally manage to be yourself, feel comfortable, and wear what you like without sacrificing even a bit of style. Watch the video above to find out how to transform a casual sweatshirt look into the most fly outfit in the room.