This Rap About Making Pizza Will Legitimately Help You To Make Good Pizza

02.23.16 3 years ago

There are about a billion different ways to make a good pizza. (Because pizza is so easy to do well.) Me, I used to pre-bake my crust to keep it from getting soggy. Now my go-to recipe involves rising the dough for up to a day and ultimately baking the pie inside an olive oil-lined cast-iron skillet.

Josh Elkin has his own technique. The self-taught chef’s recipe is simple, meaty, and turns out what appears to be a tasty pie. Oh, and also, the whole thing rhymes. Because it’s a rap. It’s the Makin’ a Pizza Rap.

I’m no judge of what makes for a good rap, and to my entirely untrained ear, the chorus (“We’re makin’ a pizza…makin’ a pizza…we’re makin’ a pizza…”) gets a bit repetitive. Also, some of the rhymes are a bit of a stretch. But the rap does give pizza beginners a set of non-threatening instructions for making their first pie. Hardly any rising is involved—just ten minutes of resting the dough. The whole thing can be put together from start to finish in less than an hour. Get some toppings together, and you have a successful evening.

Also, don’t worry about trying to write down every single instruction in the lyrics (unless you want to end up with an entertaining recipe card). The instructions for making Elkin’s pizza are in the video’s description and we’ve put them right here for you:

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