Watch In Awe As This Man Eats A Five-Pound Burrito In One Sitting

Take a look around the Internet and you’re bound to find myriad videos of people devouring obscene amounts of food. Let’s face it, there’s just something fascinating about watching someone face-deep in a cheese smothered, gut-busting food challenge.

Why else do we tune in to the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on ESPN every fourth of July? How else would Adam Richman have a career if not for our never-ending thirst to view gluttony in action live in HD? We really can’t get enough of this stuff. Sorry baseball. In recent years, competitive eating has become our new national pastime.

This brings us to a Youtuber named Joey who recently filmed his friend taking on a five pound behemoth called “The Anaconda Burrito.” The famished friend is a competitive eater named Pablo Martinez. The burrito, from Taqueria Yarelis in Fresno, is three-feet long, loaded with an unnecessary amount of cheese, beans, steak and rice and is free if finished completely. The kicker: nobody had ever managed to finish the magnificent meal.

Martinez isn’t a nobody in the world of competitive eating though. He’s currently ranked number 18 in the world (they rank this sh*t?) and has even competed in the aforementioned Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. He specializes in burritos, but admitted, “This is probably the longest burrito that I’ve done.” Not only did Martinez finish the monstrosity, he did so in just over thirteen minutes.

Our only hope is that someone else can top this. Or, maybe there’s a bigger burrito out there for Martinez to eat. Considering that burritos are the best things on earth, we’re not going to complain about watching people eat them anytime soon.