The Sight Of This Man Being Reunited With His Stolen Dog After Two Years Is A Testament To The Human-Animal Bond

The story of this moving scene, courtesy of the Winnebago County Animal Services of Rockford, Illinois, is two years in the making. According to the service’s Facebook page, Jose of Columbus, Wisconsin, had been going through a rough patch in life. After going through a divorce, Jose found himself homeless and living out of his vehicle with no one left but his dog, Chaos, who he had since he was a puppy. But unfortunately because living in a car with a large rambunctious dog (hence the name) was no kind of life for an animal, Jose gave his beloved dog to a friend of a friend to take care of.

Three months later when Jose was back on his feet, he tried to get his dog back to no avail. “I didn’t think I would ever see my dog again,” Jose told the organization. Late last month, however, Chaos turned up in a driveway in South Beloit, and when taken into the shelter, was identified by the 2014 identification microchip number on his collar. Staff contacted Jose, who immediately began crying when he was told that they had his dog.

An hour and a half drive later and Jose was reunited with Chaos, which the Winnebago County Animal Services documented in the above video. At first Chaos seems hesitant and timid, but soon recognizes his friend and is beside himself in doggie happiness. It just goes to show that while weeks, months, or even years may go by, your dog will never forget you.

(Via Winnebago County Animal Services and Reddit)