Watching This Man Scale A Highrise To Save A Falling Dog Will Make Your Palms Sweat

Palms sweaty, knees weak — that’s how you’re going to feel after you watch this video of a man scaling a building to save a dog who has tempted fate and gotten stuck in a very precarious position. It’s a rescue that some are calling “miraculous,” and has others referring to the man you’re about to see above — Diego Andrés Dávila Jimenez — as an “angel on earth.” Too much praise? Watch him climb a building and then decide!

According to Amor Por Los Animales, a Colombian animal-rights group that first posted the video, Jimenez saved the dog, belonging to his upstairs neighbors, after it got stuck in the apartment’s balcony railing and couldn’t get back in (facing a terrifying and likely fatal drop). In the video, you can see Jimenez first try to find a way to catch the dog before realizing that if he was going to save it, he would have to climb the building himself. Of course, someone got it all on film, but be warned: Watching all 90 seconds of the video at once might cause you to have a mild panic attack. Especially when you realize just how flimsy these railings are. And the people gasping and muttering “my god” while Jimenez is climbing probably aren’t going to help the anxiety any.

Fortunately, Jimenez was able to grab the dog and pull it to safety (although it didn’t look quite as happy to be rescued as it should have been). No word on what happened next, but the video ends with a pan down to the ground, which is a nice reminder of how dangerous a drop Jimenez (and the dog) faced before this happy ending.