Everyone’s New Favorite Hangover Cure Is Already Something We All Like

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I drink from time to time, but not usually so often or so much that I induce a hangover. Still, when I saw this assignment hanging around, I thought it would be best to take it and learn about the best, new hangover cure. It seems like handy knowledge to acquire, just in case. It turns out, everyone’s new favorite hangover cure is already my favorite hangover cure — marijuana. Arrested Development taught us that nausea is a cruel mistress, and that some medical weed can do the trick to help Buster’s lady get off the floor, man. I took this lesson to heart many years ago, so when I feel sick after a night of drinking, have the flu or even when I accidentally eat dairy (I’m lactose-intolerant), I know that pot helps. Now, researchers are confirming what smokers knew for years as the marijuana industry moves into the mainstream — marijuana will make you feel better.

Elite Daily has put together a fascinating report explaining the various hangover ailments that marijuana can alleviate. In addition to nausea, smoking marijuana (or eating it) can calm a hangover headache and can lower the frequency of migraines.

Marijuana can also reduce hangover-induced anxiety, kinda. For some people, smoking marijuana can significantly increase anxiety. This is important to take into account, because no one wants to get super-paranoid while hungover.

In addition to reducing nausea, smoking can increase your appetite. This then works in-tandem with the nausea reduction so you can get up and make it to McDonalds to treat your hungover self to an all-day breakfast sandwich. Also known as the fourth-best hangover cure (after water and aspirin).

And finally, marijuana helps put you to sleep, which in turn will help with your tossing and turning while wishing you had a glass of water nearby. Elite Daily cited Gizmodo, which explained how weed can help your sleeplessness thanks to booze:

As the alcohol starts to wear off, your body can come out of deep sleep and back into REM sleep, which is much easier to wake from.

And like that, vindication.

(Via Elite Daily)