Sticking Weed Up Your Vagina May Actually Help With Cramps

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As the story goes, somebody ate an apple they weren’t supposed to eat a real long time ago and it resulted in women’s uteruses hating them once a month, or twice when they’re feeling especially devilish.

Seriously, menstrual cramps hurt. And for women who’ve been seeking ways to ease the god-awful pain that can only accurately be described as kneading your insides with a rolling pin, there’s weed. Good ol’ fashioned weed. Yep, the very same weed that’s already been helpful to people battling cancer, arthritis, glaucoma, and countless ailments may also treat menstrual cramps. And, as urologist and noted sex health expert Dr. Jennifer Berman pointed out to Broadly, treating period cramps with marijuana isn’t crazy-talk.

“When a woman experiences menstrual cramps, the uterus is contracting,” Dr. Berman told the website. “The muscle goes into spasm, and it releases inflammatory mediators that exacerbate pain. Cannabis, in general, works to relieve muscle spasms by increasing blood flow and decreasing muscle contractions. When you increase blood flow, you help to restore oxygenation to the tissue, thereby decreasing inflammation and lessening discomfort.”

And just how are women supposed to get weed up their vaginas? There’s a suppository for that.

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