Mario Batali Cooks A Fantastic-Looking Three-Course Meal For Aziz Ansari And Alan Yang

We’ve all seen his Instagram pics and we can safely say that we’ve been a little jealous of Aziz Ansari’s culinary exploits recently.  Now we find out that the Master of None star apparently is bffs with Iron Chef and Croc connoisseur, Mario Batali!

Aziz and fellow Master of None creator, Alan Yang join Batali for Munchies on Vice. The episode titled ‘Master of Lunch’ shows Batali and the boys making a three-course Italian meal inspired by their recent trip to Italy to film the second season of Master of None.

Aziz and Alan are their usual funny selfs, but Mario really lets his wild side out and drops more than a few F-bombs. While making Vincenza-style chard meatballs, Batali tells the guys, “What are the eggs gonna do? They’re gonna bind it you mother f*ckers!” They also discuss the proper way to pronounce mascarpone, and talk about the food their mothers made while growing up.

The three of them cook an amazing meal (although Batali does most of the heavy lifting) drink wine, and talk more about food. Batali told People:

“I met Aziz about three years ago and we have a gentlemen’s lunch club when he’s in town,” Batali says. “We’ve done everything from [New York City restaurants] Babbo to Momofuku to Peking Duck House to odd places in Chinatown. It’s because he’s kind of a food obsessive and loves all the things that are in my world and I find him hilarious. We have infinite things to talk about and we don’t take each other very seriously. We like our friendship.”

Who wouldn’t want to chill out with an Iron Chef all day and just eat?! The more we find out about Aziz the more we wish we could be this dude, or at least have him take us out to dinner.

(Via: Vice)