A Marketing Guru Wants To Establish A Chain Of ‘Pokemon Go’ Themed Cafes

Pokemon Go was released less than a month ago and it’s such a global phenomenon that it’s hard to even think about what life was like before trying to catch rare Pokemon. In order to play the game, you need to stop at Pokestops to load up on balls and other items so you can’t keep playing without having to open up your wallet. Some Pokestops are a little bit unsavory, that’s why a branding and marketing prodigy is banking on the Pokemon Go trend by developing cafes specifically for Pokemon trainers in mind.

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, James Kim told the tabloid that he’s trying to put a lock on trademark rights to the name “Pokestop” and turn it into a restaurant chain where each location would be an actual Pokestop so diners can load up on gaming supplies, order food, possibly have a beer or two, and socialize with other players. Kim also said that lures would be constantly available at each Pokestop restaurant thus making the Pokestop chain a prime place to catch Pokemon so you can fill up your Pokedex quickly. Kim did say that he has yet to secure a licensing deal with Pokemon or Niantic which he’ll need to do before his idea becomes a reality. Since Pokemon Go already has a lot of restaurants and bars as Pokestops, restaurant owners and managers have seen an influx of patrons because of the game. Bars all over the world are now using lures to not only bring in Pokemon, but potential customers who “Gotta catch ’em all.”

(Via TMZ)