Watch ‘Iron Chef’ Masaharu Morimoto Share His Passion For Life And Sushi With The World

In the first few minutes of the video above, Masaharu Morimoto makes two things clear: 1) He doesn’t want to be seen as a celebrity chef (he invites people at his restaurant to say “hi!”) and 2) he still loves sushi. In fact, love may not be the right word for it, because after watching the video you’ll come away with a new respect for sushi it’s likely you never had while snatching it off a conveyor belt at your local galleria (no shame! That stuff is good!).

Even if you don’t like sushi, Morimoto’s musings on making good food and living a good life are important. “No rule is my rule,” Morimoto says when discussing how he creates food. To be successful, he says, one must always be flexible. Wisdom just for sushi-makers or a little piece of crucial advice for everyone?

The video’s absolutely worth a watch, and you may come away with some ideas of how you, too, could be living your boldest dreams.