Why Did This Mysterious, Massive Crack Appear In Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains?

The world is out to get us. It makes sense: after decades of mankind’s constant pollution, Earth occasionally decides to flex its muscles and show us that we know very little about this giant rock we live on. Whether it’s a devious plan to swallow up California in a series of earthquakes or an even more devious plan to give us cancer through bacon, our planet hates us.

The latest in this series of ominous threats is a mysterious, massive crack suddenly appearing in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains. I know it sounds like a set-up to a joke, but this giant crack is an incredible sight to see. Having only been discovered recently, this crack — currently referred to as “the gash” — stretches 750 yards long by 50 yards wide.

At first thought, you’d assume that an earthquake caused this, and start looking for The Rock in a helicopter to save us. However, no earthquake occured — engineer Seth Wittke says a landslide is to blame. It’s already at the point of being called a “mini Grand Canyon”, and scientists say that as long as there’s room for the crack to keep on cracking, it’ll just keep going. How far will it grow? And how will Earth decide to punish us next?