This Glass Artist Is Changing The Way We Drink Beer

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It’s safe to say that becoming a glassblower as skilled as Matthew Cummings doesn’t just happen overnight. Funny because he wasn’t supposed to be one.

“I wanted to be an architect,” explains Matthew Cummings of his early days in college. “That’s why I started with a dual degree in art and math. And then, in my junior year, I had to start taking electives on the art side of my major. There was only painting, drawing, glassblowing, and ceramics, and I had absolutely no interest in taking ceramics. So I didn’t choose to take glassblowing, I chose not to take ceramics.”

Many of us have had similar experiences. We’ve all taken classes in college for an easy “A,” or to get out of taking a much more difficult class, or simply to fill up our schedule to maintain the ruse of being a “full-time student.” But rarely do such experiences turn out to be so serendipitous when it comes to a career… and one might say, even a calling.

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