Matthew McConaughey Surprised University Of Texas Students With A Safe Ride Home On Campus

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Matthew McConaughey has been making headlines for his University of Texas loyalty lately (as if he’s ever making headlines for anything besides that and being shirtless around bongos) with a fiery defense of former head football coach Charlie Strong making the news, followed by a bit of moonlighting as a sober driver at the university. Over the weekend, McConaughey took some time out of being a good lookin’ Hollywood actor on the hunt for his second Oscar to give a group of random UT kids a safe ride home as part of the SURE Walk program run by the school.

There is so much to discuss about this occurrence based on just a single photo. Did the school tell McConaughey that he could pretend he was behind the wheel of a Lincoln SUV instead of driving a golf cart? Did they have to breathalize him a couple of times just to make absolute sure he hadn’t imbibed before cruising around campus? The look on his face sure doesn’t look like that of someone who didn’t just have a little toke of something before driving around. Did he have to promise to keep his shirt on the entire time or get fined a nominal amount?

Then there are the students experiencing such an awesome and random event of their undergraduate lives. The girls in the middle are cheesing as hard as they possible can to ensure this can be used as a profile picture for the rest of the year. The fact that one girl is texting during this happenstance is incredibly absurd and the only thing that could excuse it is if she were texting “OH MY GOD MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY IS DRIVING ME HOME FROM THE BAR RIGHT NOW HOW IS THIS HAPPENING WHAAAAT” to every friend in her contacts list. Props to the lone male student for looking just as relaxed and chill as his celebrity chauffeur though, he’s really selling the experience.

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