McDonald’s Customers Are Shocked And Dismayed That Their Cheese Sticks Are Actually Empty Bread Husks

01.29.16 2 years ago 10 Comments
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McDonald’s is in some hot water with its fans this week. The chain, known for its secret sauce and world’s most delicious fries, has been angering customers who ordered cheese sticks and were then served only the crunchy outer shell without any of the promised cheese inside. While to some of us just eating cheese skins sounds like a dream (kind of like only wanting to eat the breading off a 12-piece of KFC’s crispy chicken), others are quite miffed that their cheese is empty on the inside. So much so that #wheresthecheese has become a legitimate hashtag that’s sweeping Twitter off its feet and making those that were on their way to order some cheese sticks for lunch reconsider their options.

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