McDonald’s Latest Gift To The World Is The Chicken Big Mac

McDonald’s in Australia decided to take something customers had apparently been creating on their own and add it their menu as an official special item. As Mashable points out, plenty of diners had been switching out their burger patties on their Big Macs with the chicken patties from the McChicken. You can usually customize your order the way you want at most fast food restaurants, not including all those secret menus that usually aren’t so secret thanks to the internet. But essentially creating a new sandwich might be the point of no return.

That said, McDonald’s Australia has made the burger an official item on their menu and it is a pretty big deal:

Think of our most iconic burger. That Big Mac Special sauce. That crispy iceberg lettuce, melting signature cheese, onions, pickles, and of course, delicious chicken. That’s right, chicken.

At Macca’s we’re mixing up the classics, combining the famous Big Mac with the classic McChicken to create your new favourite burger.

The sandwich is apparently offered at other McDonald’s around the globe. Mashable claims that “Qatar, Egypt, the UAE and the Netherlands” all have it and this fine fellow on Twitter is trying one while in Spain. Everybody else is out of luck it seems or will have to risk confusing the hell out of some kid at the drive-thru because they’re embarrassed to show their face inside.

Australia also seems to have a fry promotion called “shaker fries” which seem to add an odd choice of flavors to the already addictive McDonald’s fries:

Everyone loves our legendary golden fries. And everyone loves our classic Cheeseburger. And now, you can enjoy both at the same time with our new Cheeseburger Flavour Shaker Fries. Just pour your fries into the shaker bag, add a blast of Cheeseburger flavour and get ready to shake things up.

Adding cheeseburger dust to your fries seems like overkill since the restaurant already reportedly adds that burger flavor inside the fries, but the folks in Australia are still crazy over it according to The City, with one Australian teen selling an empty package of the fries for $1000 Australian:

The 17-year-old student says he has been hanging onto the mint-condition set, which has no best before date, for three years.

“It’s very limited edition,” he says of the product. “It comes out less frequently than the Olympics, like once every 6 years…”

Huynh describes the mysterious blend of flavour as “like a blue moon.”

“It’s rare. It would be like if Krispy Kreme came to Adelaide and left the week after, never to be seen again”.

Someone offered $900, but that wasn’t enough to let go of the fry packaging. If he hasn’t sold it yet, he’s likely out of luck now that the fries have returned.

This entire thing is just one big tease, though. While I’m sure Americans get plenty of exclusives that the rest of the globe can only hope for — the McRib, maybe? — but some of these foreign fast food items always seem to fall short of coming Stateside. While shaker fries might be a risk, a chicken Big Mac seems like a crowd pleaser. Even better, maybe create one with a pair of the premium chicken patties instead of the McChicken. Your life might shorten by a few hours but it’ll be a delicious risk. Now if only they could bring this AND the Mulan sauce back, people would lose it.

(Via Mashable / The City)