McDonald’s Latest Gift To The World Is The Chicken Big Mac

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05.31.17 2 Comments


McDonald’s in Australia decided to take something customers had apparently been creating on their own and add it their menu as an official special item. As Mashable points out, plenty of diners had been switching out their burger patties on their Big Macs with the chicken patties from the McChicken. You can usually customize your order the way you want at most fast food restaurants, not including all those secret menus that usually aren’t so secret thanks to the internet. But essentially creating a new sandwich might be the point of no return.

That said, McDonald’s Australia has made the burger an official item on their menu and it is a pretty big deal:

Think of our most iconic burger. That Big Mac Special sauce. That crispy iceberg lettuce, melting signature cheese, onions, pickles, and of course, delicious chicken. That’s right, chicken.

At Macca’s we’re mixing up the classics, combining the famous Big Mac with the classic McChicken to create your new favourite burger.

The sandwich is apparently offered at other McDonald’s around the globe. Mashable claims that “Qatar, Egypt, the UAE and the Netherlands” all have it and this fine fellow on Twitter is trying one while in Spain. Everybody else is out of luck it seems or will have to risk confusing the hell out of some kid at the drive-thru because they’re embarrassed to show their face inside.

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