McDonald’s Just Jumped Into The Sweet And Savory Chicken Sandwich Game

Let’s imagine for a second that you are a person who enjoys the food at McDonald’s. You may not be a big fan of the Big Mac (unfortunately, many people no longer are), but you’ve been over the moon since the Golden Arches sent down a decree allowing you to enjoy breakfast any time that you want it. Even during times when you were only able to eat Jack In The Box tacos (over 500 million sold a year!) before! But if you thought that all day hash browns were the only good thing about McDonald’s breakfast menu, then your world is about to be rocked. (Well, as hard as any world can be rocked when a fast food giant announces something.) (Which is sometimes pretty hard, if you’re trying to bring the beefy crunch burrito back to Taco Bell!)

Anyway, here’s the deal: Your McGriddle, the one you thought you knew everything about? The same one you’ve been eating for years? Well, it’s got chicken now. And if you’re in Florida, you can head on over to McDonald’s at any time (finish reading this first) and get yourself one. According to Brand Eating, it’s McDonald’s take on chicken and waffles and if you love either of those things (and McGriddles), you’ll probably like this too. A chicken and biscuits version of the sandwich is also available.

The move is a no brainer after Shake Shack’s chicken sandwich dominated the game in 2016. No word yet on when this delicacy will hit all 50 states (it’s already been tested in Ohio), but don’t despair. If you’re tight with the workers at your local Mickey D’s, you can ask them to sub the chicken in and then enjoy all the benefits of getting something off the “secret” menu. No need to wait!