Apple Pie Topped With A McFlurry And Drowned In Fudge? McDonald’s Will Soon Trust You To Make Your Own Dessert


McDonald’s will do anything to make you happy. Want to be healthy? They’ll try it. Want to be excessive? They’re 100% down for that. Want to get drunk while eating drunk food? They’re working on it. Which means this next idea wasn’t a matter of “if,” but “when.”

Brand Eating reports that the chain is rolling out customizable desserts at their “McDonald’s of the future” location in Missouri (hey, that’s the same one offering unlimited fries!). The new plan is to test the limits of human gluttony by offering diners a chance to build monstrosities like apple pie topped with a McFlurry and drenched in a gallon of butterscotch. It’s still unclear whether residents of St. Joseph, Missouri will be able to wander in and just start naming ingredients at random, but if that’s the case, it might be time to consider purchasing a bus ticket. Seems like it could be fun, until you realize there’s a reason people don’t put fudge on their McNuggets (though they do put fudge on their fries).

Sure unlimited fries and build-your-own desserts might seem out of line with current health concerns, but McDonald’s has a long history of bowing to consumer pressure. These days, the pressure is to be Instagrammable, and certainly a soft ice-cream and tater tot float will get some “likes” from the “salty and sweet” crowd.