Is The World Ready For A McDonald’s Delivery Option?

In a world that’s increasingly going organic, McDonald’s is getting creative to keep up. Between all-day breakfast (McMuffins just taste better in the afternoon) and creative offerings like Sriracha on Big Macs, the Golden Arches are constantly looking for ways to lure people back who’ve watched the pink slime video. Well, the people of New Zealand are getting another reason to be loving’ it.

According to Eater, McDonald’s will be offering McDelivery, bringing chicken nuggets and McFlurries straight to the doors of Kiwis the country over. Apparently this service has been offered in Australia for some time now, but Maccas’ delivery in the past has been less than stellar, with $25 order minimums, long waits, and cold food. Is the door to door convenience worth it? Still, those issues may be worked out before the New Zealand rollout.

The big question, however, is when this possibly life-changing service will reach America’s shores. While the higher ups at McDonald’s did trademark the phrase “McDelivery” last year, they are cagey about the details and offer no concrete plans for a star spangled option. Are we as a people even ready for that? Whether or not this starchy dream ever becomes a sorta delicious reality, I think it’s safe to say that Americans would be on board (though they may keep it a dirty little secret).

(Via Eater)