McDonald’s Is Testing A Restaurant That Ronald McDonald Would Never Recognize

What do you go to McDonald’s for? The Big Macs? The All-Day Breakfast? Certainly the fries, everyone loves those McD’s fries, especially when they’re unlimited.

Well. Everyone but France, apparently. The Golden Arches have opened up a new location in Paris that’s a definitive step away from any McDonalds the world has ever seen. According to Le Figero, “nothing indicates that this restaurant belongs to the American chain.” It’s a McCafe blown out of proportion, full of everything from coffee and tea to soup, sandwiches, and macarons.

That’s right — at this fancy new “MacDo” (hey, when in Paris) there are absolutely no fries, nugs, or Royales to be found. (Which is odd, because remember that study about French people and fast food hamburgers? We thought they were all over their Royales.)

How foreign is it? Apparently the exterior is full of signage that reads “Coffee time” and “Great club sandwiches,” while one passerby’s peek inside the store revealed a beautiful counter of bagels and sandwiches on display. And there are even a few Instagram photos, which we’re assuming are from the new cafe:

While it’s hard to glean much more information about the new restaurant from Le Figero’s French-only coverage of it, Google Translate did spit back the phrase, “it is too early to formalize a balance sheet or anticipate deploying this test,” which we concur with.

Whether the new model restaurant will be a success and deployed here, only time will tell. But one thing is for certain: We like our traditional McDonald’s restaurants here in America, but we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more fancy McDonald’s offerings like this one pop up in the future.

Drive-through Pain au chocolat to kick off an early-morning road trip? We’ll take it for sure.

(Via Grubstreet)