Is McDonald’s Really In Danger Of Becoming The Fast Food Industry’s Dodo?

By now, you’ve probably seen one of the new McDonald’s commercials that feature ordinary people on social media freaking out over the fast food giant’s decision to offer breakfast items all day long. While the commercials are sort of annoying, with actors speaking in social media slang for the sake of humor, they’re hardly exaggerating, because people are sincerely ecstatic that they can now get Egg McMuffins whenever the hell they feel like it. But you know who isn’t feeling the McHappiness? Franchise owners who are complaining that the menu is “slowing down service” and “causing chaos in the kitchens.” It almost makes us suspect that someone much more dastardly is behind it all.

A little chaos in the kitchens (an awesome indie band name, BTW) is hardly the chain’s biggest problem, though. According to a recently released survey of franchisees, the McSky is McFalling. One franchisee’s statement that he and his fellow owners are “in the throes of a deep depression” and another’s comment that “things are broken” have people believing that the one-time staple of American cuisine is close to going from 99 Billion Served to Closed for Business. Can it really be true that the days of McDonald’s are numbered?

For more on Mayor McCheese’s darkest hour, anchors Tom Storey and Briana Lane weigh in on today’s episode of The Desk.