McDonald’s French Fries Might Just Be The Hot New Baldness Cure


For those of us out here still eating at McDonald’s after watching documentaries like “What the Health?” or who just refuse to watch them, we’ve got some even more weird and freaky news about the fast food restaurant. Apparently, the fries we love so much can cure baldness. That’s right, one of those tasty chemicals in the food can — maybe — cure your hair deficiency, according to a team of Japanese scientists at Yokohama National University.

The chemical, dimethylpolysiloxane, found in silicone, is added to oil to cook french fries in McDonalds’s restaurants. Using this same chemical, scientists were able to mass produce hair follicles that could grow hair once transplanted into the backs and scalps of mice. The key, Professor Junji Fukuda of YNU explains, is in the creation of more than 5,000 large hair follicle germs (HFG), which have historically been the more challenging obstacles in finding a method for hair regeneration. Fukuda said, “This simple method is very robust and promising. We hope that this technique will improve human hair regenerative therapy to treat hair loss such as androgenic alopecia.”

It is unclear whether the therapy for growing more hair can include eating more Mickey D’s or a person actually has to have the chemical transplanted directly into the skin, but we’ll definitely sign up to for the eating experiment! Let’s test this thing!