McDonald’s Announces A Game Changer For Some Of Its Biggest Burgers: Fresh Beef


McDonald’s has been tearing up the fast food game lately. The once floundering super-giant has made a come back that’d make Michael Jordan finally stop crying. They’ve gone all-in on more ethical meat, brought back the dollar menu, and even managed to get Szechuan sauce back into the rotation (albeit not without hiccups along the way). Well, now they’re taking another step to try and score some of that sweet, sweet In-N-Out and Wendy’s love. McDonald’s is rolling out fresh beef burgers nationwide.

Now, before you go out to your nearest McDonald’s and order a double cheeseburger with fresh beef patties, we have some parameters to throw down. The fresh beef patties will only be on the Quarter Pounder burgers and those made with that burger patty. The Signature Crafted Recipe burgers also fall into the category of fresh, never frozen beef but le Big Mac and the dollar menu and regular burgers will not.

McDonald’s has been testing out using fresh meat at their restaurants around Texas and Oklahoma for a few years now. Once they worked out that fresh beef takes 20-40 seconds shorter to cook and how to store the meat safely, it was pretty clear that they should take this practice nationwide. A “90 percent satisfaction rate” from customers sealed the deal according to the announcement over at CNBC.

Will this move to freshen up McDonald’s menu bring in more customers? Probably. People dig fresh fast food made to order. Add in that it’ll be served just as fast — or faster — and McDonald’s might have another win on their hands.

Don’t worry though, Wendy’s is still going to drag them on Twitter every chance they get.

(Via CNBC)