McDonald’s Gives Fresh Beef Patties A Tryout And That’s A Bit Of A Big Deal

McDonald’s has entered the “f*ck it, let’s try a bunch of things out and see what happens” point in its existence, and we’re getting some intriguing fast food developments as a result. There’s been new offerings, updates on menu staples, and the Golden Arches has regained its sales sparkle. (All hail the stoner-friendly “All Day Breakfast” era!) Now, the company’s giving another idea a try out and it could be a hit of garlic fries proportions.

USA Today reports that McDonald’s is testing out fresh beef patties at 14 locations in the Dallas area. That’s not to say the previous beef products were not beef (WHAT IF IT WERE BITS OF DISCARDED RONALDS???), but the big change is that there won’t be frozen patties going between buns at these select McDonald’s restaurants. It’s a move that raises questions if this will step the McD’s burger game up and maybe even make its way out of the dominion of the Big D.

“It’s very premature to draw any conclusions,” said McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb. This experiment has been going on since November 2015, so it makes one wonder how much more data the red and yellow behemoth needs to make a decision on this subject. Granted, it would be a major overhaul to the McDonald’s burger model, we suppose there’s a lot to consider before pulling the trigger on such a switch.

That’s not the only surprise for fast food enthusiasts when it comes to the omnipresent chain. A third-pound burger by the name of the Grand Mac is also getting an audition at select locations, as is the more petite Mac. Jr. What a fascinating time to be shoving things in our faces. It’s almost as if we’re only years away from the return of the McDLT.

(via USA Today)