McDonald’s Has Trotted Out Mac And Cheese To See If You’ll Give It A Nibble

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Getty Image / Michael Loccisano

Howdy, fast food consumer! In case you missed it, McDonald’s wants you back. They really, really, really, really, really, really want you back. Their latest strategy to get you back in the loving embrace of their unkillable spokesclown? Stuff you full of McD’s mac and cheese. Yup, that’s a thing now.

Brand Eating reports that the fast food giant is testing to see if it can make McDonald’s and cheese a winning combination in Cleveland. This yellow food concoction is available for sale in at least one location in the city and it looks something like this.

Customers can purchase the macaroni and cheese offering for $1.75 a la carte or they can have it anchor their Happy Meal. Eater got in contact with a McDonald’s employee who told them the product arrives frozen rather than in powder form. It’s a sensible move. Could you imagine Grimace stumbling into a bunch of cheese dust? CHAOS WOULD REIGN!

As we noted off the hop, McDonald’s has been trying out a number of different strategies in a bid to recover from startlingly low sales totals that have hounded the burger titan of late. The introduction of all-day breakfast has been a major boost for McDonald’s, so maybe more experimentation is the way to go. Good lord, we’re just factoring in all the “mac & cheese + ____” questionable combinations that could come from this and are intrigued and scared at the exact same time.

(Via Brand Eating)