McDonald’s Is Giving You A Bucket Of McNuggets, Just Like You Always Wanted

Tired of reaching the end of your fourth 10-piece McNugget order and still wanting more pressed-chicken goodness? Lamenting the fact that your meal doesn’t come with any sort of commemorative pop idol collecting cards?

Weep no longer, McNugget-eating friends. The solution to all your woes has presented itself — in Japan. It’s a 48-piece bucket, it’s limited-edition, and it’ll only set you back 1,800 Yen. (Don’t worry, that’s less than $15).

The bucket, which launches in December in Japan’s Niigata Prefecture and will be around until McDonald’s runs out of them, is a tie-in with pop group NGT48 (a Niigata-based spin-off of AKB48 and it’s all very confusing), which people have taken to calling “Nugget 48.” Get it? Get it?

McDonald’s Japan
sure does. In addition to each Chicken McBucket featuring one of two images of the 25-member pop group, the paper tray covers at each of Niigata’s 38 McDonald’s locations will also be NGT48-themed.

And don’t forget about the commemorative cards! Each bucket will come with one of 25 cards—sort of like baseball cards, except with cheery-looking Japanese pop idols holding a likeness of the very bucket you’re eating from. So meta.

Fair warning: Once you do the math, true NGT48 fans will have to down a whopping 1,200 McNuggets to even have a chance at collecting all the cards — which comes out to be just under 43 pounds. Of Chicken McNuggets. That sounds like a challenge for Kobayashi. Or this guy.