McDonald’s Is Giving You A Bucket Of McNuggets, Just Like You Always Wanted

11.25.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

Tired of reaching the end of your fourth 10-piece McNugget order and still wanting more pressed-chicken goodness? Lamenting the fact that your meal doesn’t come with any sort of commemorative pop idol collecting cards?

Weep no longer, McNugget-eating friends. The solution to all your woes has presented itself — in Japan. It’s a 48-piece bucket, it’s limited-edition, and it’ll only set you back 1,800 Yen. (Don’t worry, that’s less than $15).

The bucket, which launches in December in Japan’s Niigata Prefecture and will be around until McDonald’s runs out of them, is a tie-in with pop group NGT48 (a Niigata-based spin-off of AKB48 and it’s all very confusing), which people have taken to calling “Nugget 48.” Get it? Get it?

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