Would You Eat Fries Drizzled With Chocolate? McDonald’s Hopes So

It’s “the ultimate chocolate makeover,” according to McDonald’s. “A tasty twist on one of the Golden Arches’ classics.”

The news of McDonald’s newest offering, the McChoco Potato, hit Twitter this morning, garnering all sorts of .gif reactions from devoted followers of the fast food chain.

The news hit us hard here at Uproxx, too. Writer Vince Mancini said, “I will put french fries in almost anything, but that chocolate bullshit is a hate crime,” while Stacey Ritzen pointed out the dish’s similarity to poutine. A sweet, salty dessert poutine. (Or, in the words of McDonald’s, “a wonderful salty and sweet harmonious taste.” Yum?)

Of course, the irony was not lost on those of us who enjoy dipping our french fries in Wendy’s Frosties, but wouldn’t touch a plate of this stuff unless there was serious money on the table.

Unfortunately, there is a curveball to the news: If you follow the tweet’s link to the actual press release, you’ll quickly discover that the McChoco Potato is (are?) actually only being offered in Japan for the time being.

Way to get our hopes up, Ronald McDonald.

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