McDonald’s Latest Concoctions Include Weird Snoopy Buns In China And Loaded Fries In Australia

McDonalds may be reeling from falling sales, but their stock has been soaring to historic highs in 2015, and that’s due in large part to various “innovations” of their overseas menu. Innovations like the upcoming loaded french fries in Australia that will feature guacamole and/or bacon and cheese sauce.

Or the … Beatnik Snoopy black and white buns in China that will likely move many sandwiches full of indiscriminate meat?

What’s going on here, McDonalds? Mark Lollback, Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s Australia explained the loaded fries in an official announcement:

“By adding guacamole and salsa, as well as bacon and cheese sauce to our fries, we’re following a trend our customers started. While our fries are delicious by themselves, for a long time now Aussies have been experimenting with them, dunking and dipping them in everything from ketchup to soft serve. Now we’re helping our customers with their fry flavor experiments by giving them world first toppings to bring their fries to life with. I’m sure Loaded Fries are going to be a hit this Summer, and can’t wait to see how Aussies embrace them.”

That’s a satisfactory response. However, let’s take a moment and question why Australians are getting the credit for dipping fries into various sauces. In fact, if I may be so bold, wasn’t the Wendy’s Frosty + fries combo the original non-traditional dipping experience? And why can’t their loyal customers from the States get some cool black and white buns? Why?!

(Via Eater)