A Trip To This Meat And Music Festival Would Make The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

01.12.16 2 years ago


Put down that salad and get thee to Sydney. Or…maybe stay as far away from it as possible, if you’re still clinging to your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier. Because on February 13 and 14, Meatstock is happening. From the looks of it, the festival will have the power to break down even the strongest of vegetarians and turn them into drooling, happy flesh-eaters.

Oh, and there’s music, too!

With tickets to both days of the festival going for $49 AUD (that’s about $34 USD), the weekend promises to be jam-packed with both music for the ears and barbecue for the stomach. So far, they’ve got a great lineup of bands (including the all-about-beards group, The Beards) and enough food booths lined up to satisfy even the heftiest of appetites. Not to mention the Barbecue Wars, the Barber Wars, the Butcher Wars, and the Cool Smoke BBQ school (for those less war-inclined).

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