Meet Some Way Too ‘Jolly’ Kris Kringles In This Drunk Santa Supercut

Christmas isn’t Christmas until Santa “re-gifts” milk and cookies all over your lawn.

A new supercut from World Wide Interweb is placing a spotlight on one of the true treasures of this holiday season: Over-refreshed Kris Kringles. This zippy sub-two-minute clip boasts drunk Santa antics galore, including a few that seem a smidge less genuine than others. There’s barfy Santas, stumbly Santas, arrested Santas, and a healthy assortment of recently injured Santas. Heck, there’s even a loaded Santa that seems pretty fired up to be around a chocolate fountain. DUDE! YOU’RE MAGIC! YOU CAN GET THAT WHENEVER YOU WANT!

Soundtracked by the cheery stylings of “Here Comes Santa Claus,” these blitzed Blitzen employers seem to confirm everything you’ve heard about the liquor magnets that attend SantaCon. Did we mention that there’s some light nudity with the appearance of Santa bum? That’s a thing/bum you get to enjoy if you’re a fan of seasonal butts that can slide down a chimney like no one’s business.

None of the Santas in this video carry themselves with the quiet dignity of Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa, but who could, really? Pour yourself a stiff egg nog and give this clip a watch.

(Via World Wide Interweb)