Meghan Markle’s Engagement To Prince Harry Sparked A ‘Black Princess’ Celebration

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You’d be forgiven for not-knowing who Meghan Markle is until today; the Hollywood, CA-born-and-raised actress has appeared in supporting roles mostly on TV dramas Fringe and Suits, and in movies Get Him To The Greek and Horrible Bosses. However, as of today, with the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry of Wales, she has become not just a household name overnight, but also royalty.

It’s this latest upgrade that has sparked the interest of many people online, who have declared an unofficial “Black Princess” party online in response. Markle is of mixed descent, with a Black mother and European-American father, which, according to the complicated social politics of race in America, pretty much makes her Black for many people. Naturally, given the tightly-knit nature of that particular social network, many are rightfully stoked to see someone they see as one of their own realizing her very own fairy-tale marriage.

Now, due to the also-extremely-complicated rules of aristocracy and succession, her actual title upon marrying the Prince will technically be Duchess of Sussex, but that’s not stopping the celebration. Ironically, the Duke of Sussex title has been vacant since 1843, which will make the royal couple the first to hold the title in over a century. Apparently, the rank of a duke differs from one country to the next, however, in Britain, the duke comes third after king/queen and prince. The title will be conferred upon the couple’s marriage. Still, the thought of a Black Princess has overpowered any arguments to the contrary, because those are the rules. We don’t watch movies about Disney Duchesses and Baronesses, after all.

Check out some of the hilarious Black princess memes below.