This Mom Was Too Big For A Ride At Disneyland, Let Her Body Transformation Fuel Your Workout

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Christina Jordan’s body transformation story starts in the same way that many do: When she was 25 (nine years ago), she was denied access to a ride at Disneyland. After waiting for hours in line, she told People, an employee had to politely tell her that she was just not going to fit.

From People:

“I bolted off that ride. And I go to leave, and I couldn’t fit through the people counter. My hips were too wide, so they had to open the gate, and I felt like cattle being brought out to slaughter. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life. But it also opened my eyes to the fact that I had to change.”

For Jordan, who’d spent a lifetime struggling with eating issues — from overeating to over dieting — it was one of the very worst days of her life. Other people in that same situation may have gone home, felt terrible, and ultimately done nothing (hey, it really hurts). For Jordan, though, her experience was a major turning point. She weighed 271 pounds and she decided she didn’t want to “live the rest of her life on the sidelines.”

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