One Mom’s Daily Lunch Notes For Her Daughter Will Melt Your Heart

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05.08.16 4 Comments

As the anguished screams of many a brunch server can tell you, today is Mother’s Day. (You didn’t forget, right?) It’s a special spot on the calendar for celebrating moms, mother figures and the readers of royal gossip magazines. Why? Because moms and mother figures have a history of being awesome! Like Amelie Clarke’s mom Julie.

Amelie is a Florida kindergarten student that has something special in her lunch every day she goes to class: A handwritten note from her mom. It’s a practice that a lot of parents have done, but Amelie’s mom’s love and care has been archived on Instagram for the world to see. The results are the sort of thing that’ll melt your heart. Along with her meal, Amelie receives inspiring messages that encourage the six-year-old to be confident, creative and compassionate. It’s the sort of thing that tugs on the heartstrings and provides some valuable advice for readers of any age.

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