Horrifying Things Your Mom Does On Facebook And Why She Must Be Stopped

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01.30.16 4 Comments


There’s a special kind of cringe that happens when you witness someone behaving badly on Facebook. Your friends on the site are usually people that you know and love in real life, but the weirdness that comes out online can still be a shock to the system. Sometimes, for the sake of your sanity and the relationship, it’s best to hide certain offenders from your timeline.

Unfortunately, the worst FB-cringe creators are people you can’t really get away with hiding: Moms. These women are heroes — they gave birth to us, raised us, and dealt with all our sh*t over the years. By rights, they should be sainted. However, what’s endearing IRL is often embarrassing online. Particularly when moms try to adopt the “new, hip lingo” or spread a meme (if it’s on Facebook, it’s already dead). Moms are too busy to stay on top of stuff like that, so let’s help them realize that they don’t have to.

No, really, moms…please don’t. We love you, but you must be stopped because these behaviors are too embarrassing.

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