This Young Surf Photographer Is Chasing His Dreams Around The Globe

01.26.17 1 year ago

Morgan Maassen

When you’re a kid, scoring your dream job seems like a tangible and realistic pursuit. Then, as we grow older, things get complicated. The job market kinda sucks and we’re left to worry about our finances and paying back school loans. It’s easy to become discouraged and let those dreams slip away. Then a guy like 26-year old photographer and filmmaker, Morgan Maassen comes along — living out his every dream — and our hope is restored.

Maassen was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California as a Lego maniac and a self-proclaimed computer geek. He was also a skateboarder and surfer from the age of seven. After a surf injury when he was 12, Maassen picked up his family’s camcorder and began following his friends during their surf adventures in and around the town, compiling footage to make his first short film. The next year he moved around the world with his family to New Zealand, taking him through Hawaii, Fiji and Australia, filming everything along the way.

Later, Maassen graduated high school early so he could work full-time as a graphic designer for Shawn Stussy and focus on his twin passions of photography and filmmaking — which would later taking him around the world, shooting for Patagonia, Billabong, and Surfer Magazine.

I had the chance to speak with the talented and motivated creative about how he started and where he hopes to go with his camera.

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