A ‘Museum Of Candy’ Is Coming To NYC

02.14.18 11 months ago


Remember the Museum of Ice Cream? What about the Museum of Chocolate? Both proved wildly popular because they combined two things people love: sugar and selfie opportunities. The latest attraction to fit this mold comes via the brilliant minds behind Sugar Factory, the restaurant chain that rings the bell of celebs like Lil Wayne and Mariah Carey. They are creating a 30,000-square-foot Museum of Candy that will open this summer in NYC.

Located in the Chelsea, the museum will provide residents and tourists alike with 15 candy-themed rooms total. Expect a candy cane fashion show, a memory lane that highlights the history of candy beginning in the 1900s, and a candy café where visitors can watch gummy bears being made. Plus, there is still room left to fit the world’s largest gummi bear and a unicorn entirely encrusted in candy. Candy installations and murals are a given, as are plenty of opportunities to sample sweet treats.

If you are familiar with Sugar Factory, you know that they are way photo-friendly. 24-scoop sundae, anyone? Literally, they were one of the top Instagrammed restaurants of 2016. So, it’s no surprise that the Museum of Candy will be a hot location for some Instagram glow up. The Museum of Ice Cream sold out immediately and spread across the nation (one is still going in Miami) because it was so photo-worthy. Expect the same from the Museum of Candy.

The current plans are to launch the New York location before moving on to Los Angeles. And, though Sugar Factory is only currently planning to open one additional location in a yet-unnamed city, chances are the popularity will demand multiple spots. Candy for all! Dentists be damned!

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