A Muslim-Owned Restaurant Is Giving Away Christmas Dinners To The Homeless

If you needed your faith in humanity restored just a little bit (we don’t want to go overboard here because 2016 was a s*itshow and we all know it), let us draw your attention to Shish, a Muslim-owned restaurant in London that’s defying all the hate-filled rhetoric of the recent year and proving, once again, that people can be awesome if you just give them a chance.

According to Grub Street, the following sign went up in the Turkish restaurant’s window when the holiday season began a few weeks ago:

A little DIY, sure, but you need to start early to get the message out. And the message is this: No one eats alone on Christmas day; not the homeless and not the elderly. All those people who don’t have anywhere to go have somewhere to spend their Christmas now. And if they show up between 12 and 6, they’ll be treated to a three-course meal that includes soup, a choice of entree (chicken or vegetarian casserole or chicken shish), and a rice pudding to end the festivities.

The restaurant isn’t trying to win any awards or gain new business. Instead, as one employee told Buzzfeed, all they’re trying to do is “help people.” And if that means giving those who have no Christmas plans a place to hang out and have fun, that’s how they’re going to do it.

And now that the restaurant’s mission has taken off — the sign has been retweeted thousands of times — they’re doubling down. Check out the awesome new sign (so classy!) that the restaurant just put up.

If you’re in London on Christmas, you should definitely stop by! The food looks amazing: