London Is Getting Its First Naked Restaurant And There Are Already 8,000 People On The Waiting List

04.20.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

How many times have you sat down for dinner and thought, Boy, this meal would be so much better if everyone was naked? No? Come on, just think about the benefits: You don’t have to worry about spilling food on your clothes. Or whether you’re over- or underdressed for the meal. Or, um…well, that’s the best I can come up with. I can only imagine the pain of spilling scalding soup all over my exposed lap.

Apparently, though, Londoners think it’s an awesome idea. 8,270 Londoners, to be exact. That’s the current number of people who have already signed up for the waiting list to dine at London’s first naked restaurant, The Bunyadi, opening in June.

The restaurant, which takes its name from a Hindi word for meaning “base” or “natural,” has a capacity for 42 diners. And don’t worry — it will also have a separate, non-naked section, so there’s no need to feel left out if you’re a Never Nude and just can’t part with those denim cutoffs.

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