Your Guide For A Summer Road Trip To Napa Valley, California


Napa Valley. It’s a destination long romanticized thanks in part to its picture-perfect boutique hotels, farm-to-table restaurants, and of course, never ending supply of wine. Just drive the Valley’s roads — which twist and turn through low-lying hills — and it’s easy to see the appeal. Row after row of grape vines blur together and disappear into the distance.

While afternoons can easily be spent jumping from tasting room to tasting room, Napa Valley is a 24-hour-a-day sensory experience. In the morning, a calming fog tends to linger in the hills’ nooks and crannies — and at night, it’s dark and quiet and the air is crisp and fresh (cap the evening with a final glass of red and you’ll be sure to sleep like a baby).

It is, for those in the region and those willing to travel, the perfect spot to indulge in the finer things and reconnect to the simple things.