It’s National Homemade Bread Day! Let These Celebrities Made Of Bread Inspire You To Play With Your Food

11.17.15 4 years ago

No, this isn’t your average image of Jesus appearing in your morning toast. And you can forget about those days of in-bread cats. As TMZ pointed out for us, Instagrammer Marie Saba of Cocina Marie is intentional about her bready likenesses, which she creates using everything from nutella to noodles. Check out some of her best portraits below. Can you see the resemblance in each? Or is this just making you as hungry as it is us?

No matter what you think, in these days of #WarOnGluten, it’s nice to see someone putting bread love front and center.

Donald Trump. As Marie says, the hair gives it away. Can bread be smug? This bread seems smug.

Taylor Swiss…er, Swift. Too easy? Still worth it.

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