National Dine Out Day Will Raise Money For Hurricane Relief

National Dine Out Day is October 2nd, and most of us need little excuse to ditch the stove for one night. But if you’re feeling a bit homebodyish, it might help to know that restaurants across the nation are coordinating to donate to hurricane relief.

A group of celebrity chefs — including Tom Colicchio and Michael Symon — are working to coordinate a huge hurricane relief effort tied to National Dine Out Day. The idea is simple; restaurants sign up and agree to donate a percentage of that night’s receipts to hurricane relief, diners show up and enjoy the menu, and the money goes to the Louisiana Restaurant Association’s hurricane relief fund. It’ll ensure restaurant employees who still don’t have kitchens up and running can make rent and get the help they need, and that food banks in the area can keep their shelves stocked.

Sure, it’s not going down there to volunteer yourself, but if you find yourself hungry that Monday, and want to ensure you’re doing a little good beyond putting down a good tip at the end of the meal, this’ll be one way to make it happen. And, if you want to do more, here’s how to contribute to hurricane relief.

Confirmed restaurants below. Reserve tables and stay up to date, HERE!


Kusakabe – San Francisco


Citrus Grillhouse – Vero Beach


BJ’s Pizza House – Alexandria

Commander’s Palace – New Orleans


Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood – Las Vegas

Rx Boiler Room – Las Vegas


Dante Restaurant – Cleveland


Cornerstone – Wayne

(via Louisana Restaurant Association)