Bartenders Tell Us The Best Spirits To Add To Your Hot Toddys For National Hot Toddy Day

01.11.19 5 months ago

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Today is National Hot Toddy Day. The special day we celebrate the magical, medicinal, boozy cure-all known as the Hot Toddy. Made with liquor (usually whiskey), hot water, lemon, and honey, this cocktail is the perfect drink for whatever ails you (or just a nice change of pace from your usual beer or wine).

Originating in Scotland and Ireland, the Hot Toddy is most often made with Scotch or Irish Whiskey, but can honestly be made with any spirit that strikes your fancy. The odds are that it will taste better with aged spirits, but if you enjoy it with vodka then good on you. The hardest part about making the drink is figuring out just what spirit to add (and still get something soothing). So we asked some of our favorite bartenders to tell us their favorite spirits to pour into to their Hot Toddys.

Check out all of their answers below:

Metaxa 5

Aaron Melendrez, co-owner at Here and Now in Los Angeles

“What is my favorite spirit to add to hot toddy? Metaxa 5. It’s unique, herbaceous, and maintains a nice little bite.”

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