Where To Get Free Food For National Ice Cream Day

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Today is National Ice Cream Day — potentially the most important holiday on earth. The day where you can feel no shame putting a pause on your diet in order to indulge in creamy, chocolate and peanut butter-covered bliss. It makes sense that this very delicious day would take place in the midst of the summer heat. Sweltering, humidity-filled days are the perfect time to cool down by filling your belly with vanilla, chocolate, rocky road, mint chip, peanut butter cup, and cookies and cream.

Whether you like slow churned and creamy, soft-serve, frozen yogurt, or even gelato, this frozen dessert is beloved by young and old alike (Just say “popsicles are better!” once and we will fight you). To make it easier for you to get melted ice cream all over your face and hands today, stores all over the country are offering deals (and freebies). Check them all out below.

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Stop by participating locations to get a free 3-ounce cup of Raspberry Lemon Gelato today.


Stop by Baskin-Robbins to get by-one-get-one-free 99-cent sundaes and $2 off medium milkshakes when you use the official app.

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