NBC Is Making A Reality Show About Grandpas Traveling The World

09.03.14 2 Comments

Okay, let’s take this one step at a time.

There’s a Korean travel show called Grandpas Over Flowers. That’s the English trailer for it up there. The gist is as follows: Four grandpas over the age of 70 backpack through Europe with the assistance of a 20-something who has somehow been duped into serving as their cook/driver/porter/assistant for the entire trip. The trailer describes the show as “a new docu-reality entertainment format that takes you on the most adorable journey.’ This sounds like hyperbole until you see this.

Yup, “most adorable journey” checks out.

Anyway, NBC announced today that they will be adapting the show for American audiences with a few small changes:

  • The show will be called Better Late Than Never, which is incredibly boring compared to Grandpas Over Flowers. I mean, GRANDPAS OVER FLOWERS! Does that mean, like, as opposed to grandpas under flowers? As in, in the ground, buried? God, I hope that’s what it means. Please excuse me while I binge-watch the entire first season of the original.
  • The grandpas are American now, obvs.
  • They’re backpacking through Asia instead of Europe.

These seems like it could be kinda fun, actually. As long as no one gets the bright idea to throw the word “naked” in there.

Source: EW

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