Take A Look Inside The New DeLorean In This Ad That Turns Old New Again

Now that DeLoreans will officially be back on roads at some point in the next few years, there is a new commercial to remind everyone how cool the car is and how much they will love driving around winding roads and through desert landscapes. In the spot, released by DeLorean Motor Company, a man walks up to the refurbished car in the middle of an expansive plain before climbing in and starting his journey. Wearing a leather jacket and slim fit jeans, the man is practically a focus-grouped version of the word “nostalgia”.

As nice as it is to imagine hipsters (in leather jackets) being able to drive around scenic locals in DeLoreans at their leisure, the sticker price is going to be much higher than any one leather-clad walking hair gel advertisement can afford. Even so, the aspirational quality of the commercial is pretty impressive. Who doesn’t want their life to involve falling in love with a car that can only go 85 mph maximum on the highway and is made from reassembled parts that are 30 years old? Even if that doesn’t strike you as a good purchase, watch the full spot below and let the nostalgia, gorgeously scenic backdrop, and the beauty of the car itself make you feel as warm and fuzzy as if it were 1984.

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