This Viral Facebook Tribute To Struggling Moms Is 100% Relatable

“Eat the cake, eat the whole f*cking cake and f*ck off anyone who dares to say anything.” This is just one piece of advice Australian blogger Constance Hall shared in a Facebook post over the weekend that is now going viral.

With nearly 250,000 likes and 114,000 shares, it’s obvious that women everywhere are identifying with Hall’s blunt, hilarious, and ultimately touching advice, which covers everything from postpartum depression to body insecurity following birth.

Commenters have even begun adding their own advice to Hall’s post. In the words of one commenter, “To the mum who had to yell at her kids today, I salute you. You’re helping the rest of the world by teaching your kids about respect and consequences…I hope I’m long gone before the day comes where the world I run by entitled little sh*ts!”

Or, from another: “To the mum drinking a beer while her husband bathes the children. I salute you, it’s ok to just chill!!”

And still another: “To the mum that says no to their children in a shopping centre and stand by her decision no matter the crying and screaming that happens, I salute you. The public and social media tells us it’s ok to say ‘no’ and not give your kids everything however these people are the first to complain once your child has a melt down in the store. All of a sudden you are a parent that can’t control your child if only they took the time to consider the lesson you were trying to teach. Thanks for the truth about being a good parent”

Hall’s post is yet another reminder to us all that motherhood is an incredibly difficult task. Or, in her words, a “brand new 24 hour job that doesn’t pay and won’t end for around 20 years.” And the mother of four’s Facebook page is full of similarly honest posts. Yesterday, she posted a long apology to her husband for not being able to “wifey” some days. She’s also covered cheating (“definitely don’t recommend it”) and baggage (“I wouldn’t trust anyone that doesn’t come with a decent amount of baggage”), among other things.

In short, this mother of four rocks. And she deserves every like, share, and comment she’s getting for the post. You go Constance. You eat that cake.