These Cures Can Keep You Clear Of A New Year’s Hangover

This story is being republished, for obvious reasons.

It’s not unusual for any holiday to be associated with a little bit of drinking, though no holiday is more singularly associated with excessive alcohol consumption than New Year’s Eve. Really, other than counting down those 10 seconds leading up to midnight, New Year’s Eve is all about drinking. And while it’s easy enough to really over-indulge your alcohol intake as a kind-of reward for making it alive through yet another year on this planet, it’s inevitable that many of us will start out the new year with a pretty powerful hangover.

Should you be one of those people who wakes up to face the new year with a dry mouth, upset stomach, or that familiar feeling that there’s a vice grip slowly tightening against your temples, here are a few choice remedies that may help you get you through that first painful day of the new year.

A nice, greasy breakfast.


This has been a reliable standby for a number of years, and for good reason — it turns out there’s science at work. As the protein found in meat breaks down into amino acids, they replace all those that you’ve flushed out of your system when drinking. This also helps detoxify your liver, better known as the organ that works overtime when you drink, all of which can go a long way in helping you feel better. Not to mention the psychological comfort that a big plate of bacon can bring you the morning after drinking — that simply cannot be overstated.

It should be noted that for those of a certain dietary persuasion, peanut butter is a reliable, protein-rich food that can be swapped out for any meat here. Unless, of course, you’re both a vegetarian and allergic to peanuts. And if that’s the case, good luck to you.

A positive attitude.


Okay, hear this one out: You know how hangovers tend to be at their worst when you’re just lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, dwelling on your regret for taking that Fireball shot right at last call? Then, suddenly, once you actually get up out of bed, you start to feel a little bit better. You can apply this same technique to your attitude. As long as you keep a positive frame of mind knowing you’ll be able to get through the day, it’ll be that much easier to do so. A hangover is all in your head, after all.

Also, while not to diminish the power of positive thinking, this one is best paired with at least one other treatment included on this list.

Taking aspirin before bed.