A Newlywed Couple Started Their Marriage Right By Completely Wrecking A $340,000 Car

Hey, remember the guy who crashed a million-dollar Porsche while trying to show off? What about the woman who crashed into a seafood van because she was too busy masturbating to pay attention to traffic? Good news for them! A new pair of geniuses have emerged to claim their spot in the hallowed halls of “dumb things people have done while driving.” This time, it’s a pair of newlyweds who made headlines because they (or someone close to them) crashed a car they were supposed to drive off in at their wedding.

Look! Look upon the horror!

NDTV reports that the car was totaled but that no one has been injured (save for someone’s wallet). The crash, which occurred in Burnley, Lancashire, involved a Ferrari 458 Spider and is valued at close to $400,000. It was rented to the couple by a millionaire who goes by the name “Lord Aleem,” and while the rest of the world is freaking out about what looks like a very angry building who’s just had enough and took it out on the car, he’s being really chill about the whole situation.

The whole situation, of course, being this:

Look at the horrified people! Can you hear that? It’s the death rattle of a car taken from us way too soon:

Here’s what Aleem tweeted about the incident: