Our Staff Couldn’t Pass This Simple Driving Test, Can You?

We don’t have stats to back it up, but hubris is surely behind a lot of people’s bad decisions when it comes to getting behind the wheel after having a couple of drinks. They think they’re good to drive and that even if they do get pulled over, they’ll pass the sobriety test. They’re wrong, of course, but the thing about hubris is it doesn’t do well with logic. It needs to get hit over the head with a mallet, which is why UPROXX host Steve Vasquez subjected a few of his coworkers to a pop quiz on some basic traffic rules and terminology.

How’d they do? Despite having years of driving experience, not a single one of Steve’s coworkers questioned was able to achieve a perfect score, though to be fair, one day of driving in a big city will show you that everyone seems to have their own definition of what a flashing yellow light indicates.

How would you do? Watch the above video, play along, and remember it’s a very different experience to sit in a cozy office answering questions than it is when there’s a flashlight shining in your face, your life, livelihood, and ability to get around are in jeopardy, and you have alcohol running through you, causing you to be impaired. After you realize that, realize that you wouldn’t have a hope of passing the test. So why risk being put in a situation where you have to try?